Veterans of Foreign Wars

POW MIA Recognition Day

​September 15th, 2017

​Commander's Corner

Comrades and Members

The current floods in Texas and Louisiana has been devastating to much of coastal areas of these states. The loss of life, homes and businesses as a result to torrential rains and flooding is beyond belief.  Thousands are now housed in shelters throughout the area and many more have been forced to evacuate the area completely.

We have in response to this disaster began accepting donations which will be dispensed through recognized organizations such as the VFW to ensure that our donations reach the people for which it was intended.

We will be asking for donations in the Canteen over the next several weeks and to this end we will have a jar labeled “Texas Disaster “to receive your contribution. We will post a running total to keep all apprised of monies raised.  You may also mail donations to the Post, checks should be made to VFW Post 445 and noted “Texas”.

Post Adjutant Annie has been in contact with a VFW Post in the area that has Have demolished by this storm to determine if and how we may be able to help them.  We will keep you advised as to the outcome.

Please help if you can! 

God Bless America and the VFW

PS:  Have you looked around the Canteen lately?

Veterans' Crisis Line

​1-800-273-8255 Press 1

24 Hours a day

​7 Days a week

J. J. Raby, VFW Post 445

Get ready to shop!!!

Starting this coming Veterans Day all honorably discharged vets will be able to shop online at any exchange! Verify now and you may get in early. Visit the military Times for all the information:


Chaplains Corner

​Last month was a busy and sad month as we lost several of our comrades at our Post and
in our district. Our prayers go out to the families for the loss of their
love ones.
This month I would like call to your attention of two recognition days
that occur in September.
The first one is called Patriots Day on September 11 observed as a
National Day of Service and Remembrance. In the months after the
destruction caused by these terrorists, I volunteered as a Chaplain to go to New York and
work with the people and the families that were involved in this tragedy.
The second one is the National POW/MIA Recognition Day, on the third of September.
The POW/MIA flag was designed by Newt Heisley, and it features a white disc bearing the
silhouette of a young man, a watch tower with a guard on patrol, and a strand of barbed
wire. Above the disc in white letters is written POW and MIA. Below the disc is a black and
white wreath above the motto, “You are not forgotten.” We will not forget.

​Rev. Jed Hermes