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We are Commemorative Partners of United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration and as such agreed to hold at least two ceremonies each year through 2020. Our first this year will be held on Saturday March 30, 2019 here at the Post. This is our opportunity to honor all those who served in this era.  We will follow our ceremonies with the traditional “ pig pickin” with all the trimmins.  All Veterans and their families are welcome.
I hope you attended our awards dinner on February 22, I have eaten some fine dinners in my time but if you missed the dinner Ross and Rusty put forth you missed a 5-star feast certainly appropriate for our guests of honor Tammy Suggs Chairperson of our Blood Drives and our Candidate for Voice of Democracy Sarah Rowe.
We are at only 84% membership with the end of the year coming like a runaway freight train we need your help. We can’t help our veterans and our community without your participation. We need your Membership!
The winner of our Life/Legacy membership award was William Constine who had he attended our February 12th Membership Meeting would have received a Life or Bronze Legacy Membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.
We will be attending a Commanders Round Table on March 16th at Post 3137 Isle of Palms. I note this because I have heard that they have painted a Mural on the building next door honoring our Armed Forces that is impressive.

God Bless America and the VFW -Jim

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 445