September Newsletter Presidents Comments

Here we are in September, the official start of our Program year.  Hope everyone stayed

safe with little damage during our first Hurricane. Quick update, the U.S. Navel Sea

Cadets had a great night with our Post members and served a lot of great food.  Our

"Early Bird" membership drive resulted in about 50% of our annual members renewing.

And we will have a drawing at our September dinner to see who got a free year.  The

instruction sessions went well and new Chairpersons will be taking part with the

Programs soon.  Up front are Patriots Pen and Voice of Democracy which have to be

completed by October 31, 2023.  Other Auxiliary Scholarship Programs are: Continuing

Education, Alice Hutto Nursing Scholarship, Jan Owens ROTC, Patriotic Art, Illustration

America and Getting Excited for the Red, White and Blue.  Information on all these

scholarships are available for the asking.  The Council of Administration meeting had

information about increasing membership dues in July of 2024 and how to obtain

​Podium Books and Presidents Books through Malta.

Our dinner this month is on September 15th, which is also "Prisoner of War, Missing in

Action Recognition Day".  We will be serving a Ham Dinner for $12, starting at 6:30pm. Other Patriotic Days are September 4, Labor Day and September 11, Patriots Day. These are great opportunities to celebrated, our great Country and our Veterans.  Many other great dinners are scheduled for September, so check the Calendar.

Our next meeting is September 14, where we will be discussing opportunities to serve

the community this fall as well as helping the Post assist our Veterans.  Keep viewing

our website for more updates.  Please keep the Maui families and our own

hurricane families in your prayers. God Bless all of our Veterans here and

abroad, our Post 445 families and God Bless America.


Barbara Barger, Auxiliary President

VFW Auxiliary meeting times have been changed from 7:00 PM  To 6:00 PM